Back on Birch Drive

Looking out over the fields from my parents window i see many things. Green and yellow. Blue and white. Grass, crops, sky and clouds; but the main thing i see is the past. The same summer view there always was, but the eyes absorbing the landscape are older and more jaded than they were; but the retinas more experienced. The face containing them is further south, bigger, older, weathered-hairy. Back to the destination where life began with the people who created it. I always feel still here, like time is moving slower than anywhere else. My brain feels out of focus.

Back in a room that was once clad in Kylie posters. A room where i entertained ex-partners, made work for the Arts Council, created my degree show, stroked my dead dogs and played my organ. A room that has so many memories, which now seem to mean nothing. Memories are only that. Thoughts of the past which have little significance in todays incarnation of me.

Daily life this week has been pretty varied. Moving house, a festival launch, art galleries with friends, painting a house, cycling again for the first time in years. Happy days filled with people i love.Tonight will be quite and peaceful i hope; the cows and sheep in the surrounding fields will hopefully be providing the soundtrack. I can happily stay here for another two weeks. Life is calm and still pre transit.


  1. Carol 46

    Hi pinky, Can relate to your thoughts and words, am at my mothers, the place where i grew up, my old bedroom, same old scenes from the bedroom window, re-living old memories, and strangley it is very peaceful.

      • Carol 46

        We are in sync, I am ok, hope you and james ok. have thought about bloging, don’t know how though, will look into it. Yes i am looking forward to it, Chris already got trips arranged to New York, Chicago, Niagra Falls, Cottages in the Lakes with open fires and hot tubs in the snow, polar bears, so yes very excited, complete contrast to your trip isn’t it, you must be getting excited, loving the blog will be following it. x

      • pinkybinks

        Sounds amasing!! Apart from the polar bears!!!! Hope you have a good camera? It would be wicked if you did a blog…would be nice to see how your are doing. Digital sketch books rock! Looking forward to meeting up somewhere, sometime and catching up post all of this newness x

  2. mam

    Its lovely to have you both here before your journey starts . We are going to make the most of the time tou have left that is if i can get you to stay in !!!!!!


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