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Self-portrait #17,411

Artist Submissions: Andreas Nitschke

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I received an email on Thursday from an artist who requested his work to be featured on http://www.pinkybinks.com.  Andreas, here you go!  For the artist’s web page click here http://andreasnitschke.com/ If you have any art you would like to feature here, please email pinkybinks@hotmail.com. All submissions will be considered, and published if i like the content.

I’m Crucified!

The Sculpture The End: Moments From Masters

The Book of Binks – Après une nuit plutôt lourd Out!

The Flame Haired Siren

There she was on stage, way above my head,

The lower ground strooned with bodies studded with lights;

I sneak amongst them.


The flame haired siren approaches on her belly,

And with a marker she takes to my arms.

Drawings of a high kick in stockings,

Over the Hindi Swastika.


She spits mints into my open mouth,

As i wake up in a pool of moisture and sweaty shivers,

Followed by a turn and back into it.


Grids of flashing colour,

Pink on top of pastel blue squares that outline her frame,

Like a crime scene.

With blood running everywhere as she breaks into the classics.

Beat Up Pinky

Ellen the Alien Nun

My head leans to a secret thought

A meditation visa in Burma

And Ellen


Alien-esque with those ears,

Pink and the little wooden structure called home.

How i laugh.


If this is the end and that is the beginning,

Just how i imagined back then when i wanted to stay,

Through circumstance,

And premonition,

And reason.