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Eighty Nine Hours in Beijing

Bloemendaal aan Zee

Lost Post: There/Gone/Past

Teenage, Going on Dead

I awoke to a black sky,

But the droplets of rain were pink, purple and pale blue;

Shimmering on pane.

A pounding base raising from the floor below,

Fucking throbbing; Pinky Fararge!

As i knit,

To the slow pace of growing teeth.



Ode to the Sun

The Book of Binks – Après une nuit plutôt lourd Out!

Haunted All the Way By You


One hundred million degrees below freezing,

And Natasha buttoning up her eyes,

Clap clap.


Bubbling oil heats the cell of cosy,

As the pull of the future helps cavernous walnuts snap into another rise;

Fingers crossed.


As routine marsupials splash with vigor,

Running like cats away from litter.


Winter pallet shifts a tone lighter and lighter and lighter and  เบา

To white,

Ascending with a drum roll.


A gift of it to that,

Haunted all the way,

by you.

The Flame Haired Siren

There she was on stage, way above my head,

The lower ground strooned with bodies studded with lights;

I sneak amongst them.


The flame haired siren approaches on her belly,

And with a marker she takes to my arms.

Drawings of a high kick in stockings,

Over the Hindi Swastika.


She spits mints into my open mouth,

As i wake up in a pool of moisture and sweaty shivers,

Followed by a turn and back into it.


Grids of flashing colour,

Pink on top of pastel blue squares that outline her frame,

Like a crime scene.

With blood running everywhere as she breaks into the classics.

Early Morning Purges

Finally a beautiful sunrise,

A sunrise more than grey.

Rising above outer-city suburbia,

High above a sorting office and Jews.


Coasting until a crisis,

and then one presents.

Running imps,

The masters of the universe.


Fingertips caressing skin under months of spinney whiskers.

Skull under the years of skin.

Before the black hole brain,

Thoughtful after the news.

Particles That Remain – October/November and Autumn in England

Newcastle Fog

Sunday in Beeston

Belgian Bink

Church Snorbettz

Paprika, Gateshead


Diwali Thali

Diamonds Bus Sketch

ICA London


Glitter in the Tate Tanks