Haunted All the Way By You


One hundred million degrees below freezing,

And Natasha buttoning up her eyes,

Clap clap.


Bubbling oil heats the cell of cosy,

As the pull of the future helps cavernous walnuts snap into another rise;

Fingers crossed.


As routine marsupials splash with vigor,

Running like cats away from litter.


Winter pallet shifts a tone lighter and lighter and lighter and  เบา

To white,

Ascending with a drum roll.


A gift of it to that,

Haunted all the way,

by you.


  1. coalblack

    So little of what is posted on “poetry” blogs is actually poetry; this is. From the title, straight on through, I enjoyed every word. “routine marsupials” is a very hard thing to fit into a piece of writing without it simply sounding random, but in this poem, it stood out for me, in a good way, because everything around it is so strong, and hallucinatory, and the pace is so crisp. Hoorah!

    • pinkybinks

      Thank you for that Coalblack. Written during my commute to work yesterday. I am really happy you enjoyed and got some happiness from reading 🙂 Pinks.

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