Ode to the Sun


  1. Mike | EarthDrifter

    Wet cool pacific air wakes me raw
    I feel the vibe of the mega ciudad
    Backpacking vacationers smile in exotic bubbly illusion
    Serious city peeps talk biz, with their mind on their money
    How to manipulate fellow humans to consume
    Sell false dreams
    Pass away with your head over a glossy spreadsheet
    Spinning in dollar signs
    I reflect as I sip an overpriced coffee
    Economics is my religion too

    Thanks for the inspiration PINKY

  2. aleksandria98

    wonderful. I have written some poems on my blog which i have started not so long ago, maybe you could take a look at two of my poems on my page? One called ‘Battles’ and the other one called ‘sorry’ i would love for someone to have a look 🙂


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