Broken Day

Little rhythmical bells and chimes twinkling in my ears. Tears hide in the back of my eyes, chugging down the track from Bangkok. Fields of cotton swaying in the breeze from side to side; or is that just me? palms stretching through the bright blue sky – sunbound. Green so vividly green it’s almost yellow. Studded with the occasional cow i think. Melancholy doesn’t come more melancholic. A Wizzing pink lotus, cement mixer, scorched red earth heading fast towards a tropical island perched on coral, so why do i feel so dark and so flat? Like a nodding dog swaying with the movement of the machine and the swerves and rhythm of the track, heading to paradise. Not shaping up, not growing. Just following the rhythm as we progress. With Vespertine in my ears and crying on my mind, heading to paradise. Drip. Drop.


  1. shellyshellyjeffrey

    Cheer you up Cuddles curving and swerving and riding the wind through a timeless portal around the globe, meandering around the melancholy adding red to the blue to create a new day with an inspirational hue.

  2. Ruth

    Can you believe it’s the first time I’ve looked at your blog – although I’ve had regular updates from Julie. Can hardly believe what happened in the earthquake; it was hardly reported here. Loved seeing all your photos and of course so glad that you’re safe. Despite that, you have picked a great year to do this with all that’s happening here. Your letter really cheered me up – thank you so much. We’re off on a cruise over half term, should be a nice break.. Take great care. Ciao. Ruth

    • pinkybinks

      Hi Ruth! Lovely to hear from you. I am loving writing. Were in Malaysia and it’s wonderful…So interesting. What is going down @ BAC? Keep in touch and enjoy your trip…Anywhere nice? 🙂 PS the quake was evil 😦


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