The Last Time I Was There – Images of South India


  1. Caroline (dog-milker extraordinare)

    totally awesome pics dude!! i’d so like to go back, maybe in a year or two. xx

  2. earthdrifter

    I met many travelers that were not in India for the first time. Some for the second, third, fourth and even fifth. The land is addictive. Nice artisitc photos, especially the bovine nose close-up! Can’t wait to see more. The land’s a photo zealot’s dream…

  3. jueisa

    I have just looked at the images and as you can imagine i have a huge smile on my face i was there !! im very proud to say you gave me an experience i will never forget. I have got a place in my heart forever … Warm reds and browns and fluorescent pinks and greens and lilacs…the journey on the train the smells and all the happy faces and the Hotness, oh the Hotness! My unfitness and climbing mountain paths and dusty roads …… The wonderful image of the waiter watching over us wondering and absorbing our exitment.Wandering through the enormous statues and the burning floors. All amazing and drawing us closer together, more than any present ,more than any prize the gift of friendship.x


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