Baaarrrr II – The Purpose of Sheep

photo (2)

A poet. Yes with a King Charles spaniel and up-lighters.
Market stalls and wondering dick heads at chav night.
Fuck you.

Sun a March born miracle.
Now gone split glimmer of bright light. Motorway,
Anticipation and cherish like yesterday pluss.

I see them again. Tiny sheep, furry birdies,
As one would expect as we approach crucifixion o’clock.

Barr Barr white sheep, have you any thoughts,
Or is it just my vegan ego thinking for you.

Fur on green a pleasure to see,
A feeling of cute,
As long as i forget their purpose,
The meaning of sheep.

Future dots of death in nature,
Bloody fruits, unfortunately.

© PinkyBinks


  1. EarthDrifter

    Nice photo PINKSTER! Such gorgeous creatures. I’m with ya man. If only fathers would stop teaching their sons to kill these beautifully furry and peaceful beings that have inspired stuffed animal artists. It’s a vicious cycle unfortunately.

      • EarthDrifter

        In the photo they look like cute stuffed animals. Don’t mean to come across as hypocritical. I’ve tried mutton twice over here during community style eating. I’m not a fan of non-marine flesh food but I’m also not always vegetarian when I eat with others or when exploring new cuisine/restaurants. I still dislike the idea of slaughtering living things.

      • pinkybinks

        So many of the last few posts i have read of yours have been sampling flesh of some sort? I do understand community style eating,but i just could not do it…we are all different. My friends in the jungle in India once killed a chicken as a token of me leaving after being with them for six months. The liver, the head, the breasts all went into a pot with spices and vegetables and cooked for hours. It was so hard to say no, but i just could not do it. A hard day, and i stuck to rice!!


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