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Herding Beats on Film: A Weekend of Dancing in the Woods

The Bitch Is Dead

Baaarrrr II – The Purpose of Sheep

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A poet. Yes with a King Charles spaniel and up-lighters.
Market stalls and wondering dick heads at chav night.
Fuck you.

Sun a March born miracle.
Now gone split glimmer of bright light. Motorway,
Anticipation and cherish like yesterday pluss.

I see them again. Tiny sheep, furry birdies,
As one would expect as we approach crucifixion o’clock.

Barr Barr white sheep, have you any thoughts,
Or is it just my vegan ego thinking for you.

Fur on green a pleasure to see,
A feeling of cute,
As long as i forget their purpose,
The meaning of sheep.

Future dots of death in nature,
Bloody fruits, unfortunately.

© PinkyBinks

To Find a Solution from This

Grizzly terrier face,

On a pharmaceutical high,

Walking with macaroons,

Heading to a room like dead,

Hours on hold,

To find a solution from this.

Beautiful Winter Seascapes

Abstractions of December

Ellen the Alien Nun

My head leans to a secret thought

A meditation visa in Burma

And Ellen


Alien-esque with those ears,

Pink and the little wooden structure called home.

How i laugh.


If this is the end and that is the beginning,

Just how i imagined back then when i wanted to stay,

Through circumstance,

And premonition,

And reason.


Twenty Years Without Death

Eating hidden flesh,

Hurling until the blood rises to the skin.

Your mistake has cost you two days and two hundred pounds,

Its cost me twenty years without death.

Hidden amoncst beans and roots,

The screen commits a thousand sins.

Your mistake draws tears past the surface, and out,

My twenty years without death.


Early Winter Light

Early Morning Purges

Finally a beautiful sunrise,

A sunrise more than grey.

Rising above outer-city suburbia,

High above a sorting office and Jews.


Coasting until a crisis,

and then one presents.

Running imps,

The masters of the universe.


Fingertips caressing skin under months of spinney whiskers.

Skull under the years of skin.

Before the black hole brain,

Thoughtful after the news.