Mahatma Minogue! Gandhiji Meets Kylie in Collage!


    • pinkybinks

      I can understand why and i wouldn’t ever intend to upset any Indian person, or any other. I am a teacher in England and its part of a collection of images myself and my art students made celebrating diversity. The brief was to fuse nationality’s in a visual way.

      This was my own creation, partly as a demonstration of the task and because i love Gandhiji and Miss.Minogue.

      I have spent over two years living and traveling India. If you explore this blog further you will see how much my love for the Mother land is displayed.


      Pinky 🙂

  1. Pranay

    Sorry but rubbish, if you love someone you give respect and obviously what you have done is not at all respect to father of nation – india.

    • pinkybinks

      Hi, thanks for that. I have massive respect for The Father of the Nation, and have spent over two years living and traveling in India. I also am a big fan of Kylie, and i am an artist. Hopefully democracy, freedom of speech and expression enable me to create this image. Have a great day.

  2. Mukthar

    I am proud of my country ‘INDIA’… what you have done is very wrong. At least show some ‘Respect’!! He is a great man.. I am an Indian and I love father of my nation that why I don’t like this. totally wrong.


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