The Three Noble Treasures of the Heavenly Way – My Initiation into The Tao

The last few days have been lovely, quite calm. Beautiful beaches, driving around the island, dipping into five-star pools and spending time with great people, until yesterday when i met a slighty strange Chinese man who invited me to a party. In his words this “party” was to be himself, his friends, food and conversation. I graciously accepted his kind offer and agreed to meet him back at the vegetarian  restaurant where we had met, at eight pm. After several hours of beach time, swimming to islands and further abusing of five-star hotel pools eight pm arrived. Waiting on a moped was lee, the man who invited us to his party.

We follow his lead in our hire car, winding through traffic towards the unknown destination. Fifteen minutes later we arrive, and are greeted by several middle-aged chinese ladies in white. We knew it was some sort of Buddhist meeting but did not expect the kind we found. We were fed noodles and tofu and told to relax, eat and not be shy. Once finished we were lead upstairs, asked to clean our hands with the wet towels provided and cross the threshold into the sacred space. I was un-knowingly entering the world of Tao and The Three Noble Treasures of the Heavenly Way.

A small white room housing around thirty people, a Buddhist shrine and a table filled with tea and fruit, predominantly oranges awaited us. We were each given a form to compleat. Full name, age, sex and date of birth. We were asked to give a minimal donation to help buy books and provide the offering we were about give to Buddha. We were informed that our names would be presented to the sky to wait for us in death. We were told we would always be welcome to the temple and told to bring our parents, to eat, sleep and pray there whenever we needed. If there was ever a problem in our lives the temple was always a home. All we needed to do was clasp our hands in the special way and chant our secret mantra, that we were to be given during the ceremony. The ceremony starts and the master appears. A short thin man, in grey robes stands forward in front of us, just shy of the altar. He drops his head and it begins.

Incense, chanting, men moving around the space. Women giving ques for the chants to commence. More bowing, chanting and incense. A manuscript containing our names was read to Buddha then lit by the master and left to burn, evaporating into the sky. We were then asked to kneel at the altar to take our vow; ready to receive The Three Treasures.

The Heavenly Portal

The master placed his finger upon my face, between my eyes. The doorway by which our original nature enters and leaves the body. Without it being un-locked the true self is unable to leave when the body dies; instead leaving through one of the side gates – ie the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, navel of vertex. That would have implications when being reincarnated. My portal was now open.

The Divine Mantra

A sacred series of words was whispered to me, which has the power to save my life. It was only to be used in extremely dangerous situations. The mantra is to act as a powerful spiritual distress signal to the divine forces much like an SOS, transmitted by radio waves. It is to be protected silently and mentally with great concentration, whilst at the same time focusing the eyes on the Heavenly Portal and holding the Symbolic Seal with the hands. If sincerely cultivated i would always remain under the refuge of Buddha.

The Symbolic Seal

The joining of hands which unites us with god. Like a contract between myself and the heavenly mother. A signal, a password, a passport. A spiritual instrument of identification as well as a symbol with many ramifications.  A protection from any impending calamities.

Before receiving the Tao from the master two people took an oath at the altar. One as my Introducer and one as my Sponsor. Without these two people the Tao could not be transmitted to me. The sponsor guarantees that the Tao is the true path and that the teachings are genuine, the introducer vouching for my good character and guaranteeing my good conduct.

Question – How can these strangers who don’t have any idea who i am do this?

I was lead to take a vow which stated i would faithfully adhere to the principles of Tao and not reveal the secret teachings of the Three Treasures to anybody.

Question – How could i do this when i know so little about it?

” Pinky Binks, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you for this is your most auspicious day. Today you have received the Tao which is the ultimate aim of existence. All the Buddhas and Saints attained the Tao in the past and, by transcending the limitations of birth and death, you have become immortal. That which you have received today is the same Tao”.

I was informed that the Tao was ineffable, sacred and sublime. That i had just been saved by someone and that i should try my very best to spread the exalted teachings to you, my fellow human beings. To urge my family, friends and acquaintances to receive the Tao. By doing so i would not only be saving someones physical body from disaster, but saving my true self from the sufferings of reincarnation. ( by this i think they meant that i would not come back as a creepy little fish ). Not only would the person be saved if he cultivated himself properly but also his ancestors and nine generations of future offspring by virtue. What are you waiting for?????? Choose Tao today?

Once the majority of people started to descend the staircase for refreshments i was given a membership card stating the date i had been done, two oranges and further advice on how i should practice, from my master. The slightly creepy man who initially invited me to ‘The Party’ told me to visit him anytime in the local duty-free supermarket. I left the building, lit up a cigarette and made my way into the darkness. Two hours had passed so quickly. I left feeling the situation was slightly forced, slightly intriguing but slightly odd. Here i was expecting canapes, cocktails and conversation, but no, it was my chance to be saved; here in paradise.



© PinkyBinks


  1. shellyshellyjeffrey

    Very interesting and Bizarre!..many thoughts run around my head as I read your experience..but not all coherant… Belief system is very strong and most of us have one, whoever is up there watching over us, knows us all and we do not need introducing?
    Guidance and upliftment brings inspiration when we feel a little lost, so that we may get back on our true unique pathways, only that universal being and our connection with him, meaning ‘us’ ourselves knows what that is. I believe we planned our pathway for this life before we were born to this World. So saying that nothing we do is a mistake, it is an experience that we learn from, cherry picking that which resonates for us personally, using it as a ‘memory jogger’ to help us back on our pathway when we get lost our ‘jump
    track’ through outside influences.. I think sometimes we need to give ourselves a break,
    afterall we are just human, perfect in our imperfections.Anything that helps us to reach our destination, should be embraced, but not necessarily followed? unless it feels absolutely right..we will know??
    I loved reading your experiencealtho was worried there a while, what trust and faith you have x

  2. earthdrifter

    My guess is that they were hoping to get more than a small donation. This is because I’ve come across money making endeavors like that in both Mumbai and Kolkata. Both instances were kinda hilarious actually.

    In Chiang Mai I put a tiny donation in a box and a monk performed a good deal of blessing and chants. He was talking to Buddha for me.

    I’ve never experienced anything as intricate as what you went through with the Chinese Tao worshippers on Langkawi. Perhaps they’re genuine and wanna save the world through Taoism.

    You must have headed down there to avoid all the flooding in Thailand and Cambodia. At least now if you have to return to BKK the floods will be subsided, looks brutal right now though.

    • pinkybinks

      I think they were just on a saving mission!!! We good in th end. On reflection it was interesting wand a worthwhile experience….all part of travel. Its great how people think they can talk to Buddha for you…Why do you think that is?????? Its bad in Bangkok i hear….Heading To Burma post KL. How are you…How was Mumbai??? 🙂

      • earthdrifter

        PINKY: Why do people talk to Buddha, God, Allah etc? Solid question: This man appeared to have been a full-time monk for years, seasoned in relaxation, meditating and communicating with the most divine one; so, blessing others is nice of him. The hope of a better human existence and the desire for finding nirvana and eternity makes his vibrations noble and positive. Speaking to his savior is increasing his and everyone elses cause.

        I only spent a day in Mumbai, then Goa, in Pune now. Can you recommend a good place in Rajastan for my last week or two? I wanna find a good place to explore but also stay put before getting to Delhi to fly. I also have the option of staying down in this area and flying out of Mumbai but Rajastahn looks more interesting. Have you been to Rajastan?

      • pinkybinks

        I have indeed been to Rajastahn many times. I would bypass pushkar and Jaipur and head to Jiselmear as it is AMASING!!! If you are in the south and have not been to Gokarn you should. If you do mail me and i will give you directions to the most wonderfil and calm place. Udipour is also lovely, so much more than other places. Enjoy 🙂

  3. lynnx

    I had the same thing happen for me in Seattle, Washington USA! I went on a cross-country trip looking for Sweetgrass. When I arrived in Seattle and went to a local coffee shop, I noticed Kwan Yin statues in the shoppe. The workers only spoke ? but were very excited that I knew who Kwan Yin is! Soon they handed me the phone to speak with a young women who invited me to their Holy House for a dinner party!? (My memory is not so good) My friend and I went and they served us like a 12 serving, delicious meal. I remember being so welcomed! and we were treated as special guests to receive the Tao. It was a very ornate ceremony and we were given an introducer and sponsor names to remember for when we died. We were very honored! The people were so gracious in providing this for us and I don’t remember being asked for any donation. This whole story seems dream-like to me.

    • pinkybinks

      I think the Tao is a beautiful thing. We just did not like being almost tricked into it. So weird and creepy, but interesting non the less!!! Thank you for sharing your experience. Did you get a membership card??? Pinks 🙂

  4. Eric

    I had a very similar experience today in Zhongli Taiwan. I am still soaking in the experience. My girlfriend and her family paid the donation. I have to say, I see how spiritual and faithful my girlfriend’s family is and I see how receiving the Tao was important to them for me. I am still figuring this out but I don’t think it was a bad thing. And yes, I did receive a special card. Don’t know what it completely says since it’s in Chinese.

  5. Lauren

    this is strange,usually you are chosen by someone who knows your personality to receive tao. It is a great honor and something not open to the public but rather something to be kept private and intimate…wont exactly be pleased with your post…

    • stella

      It is a truly great honour. I too have received the Tao but, as you say, you are asked to keep it a secret and yet you reveal the place you are touched. I think you are a little unaware of the significance of what you were given

      • pinkybinks

        I understand that. I am not unaware of the significance, and who are you to tell me that? I simply describe how i feel the experience was for me. And how i was tricked into it. Thanks for your comment. Pinky

  6. george

    Hey Pinky, thanks for sharing. I received the 3 treasures last year in Adelaide, SA. Have you read Tao Te Ching, version by Gia Fu Feng & Jane English ? (81 verses)

  7. george

    Thanks Pinky, check it out n let me know what u think. Easy to find on internet. My TK (Tao Kin, as they refer to each other) are a really great mob, they mean well. Eg. They’ll invite the lonely at Xmas for dinner (I’m sure that they ain’t in it for profit).
    Have a great Xmas likewise.
    PS. One more thing (for now), Ekhart Tolle says he carries the TTC with him always – that’s what got me interested. Cheers for now. 🙂

  8. mekbuda

    Been involved with + ^ O for a few years now, these people have helped me through some truly difficult times, consistently and sincerely, they put exactly what they teach into action through helping others along their spiritual path with the utmost patience and compassion, like sages and monks in plain clothes. We are very blessed to have received + ^ O, and be apart of this great spiritual lineage. Since being baptized by fire, I have sensed an increased clarity of my inner eye. I once suffered from a childhood brain injury so my memory was always foggy, but practicing this has helped my memory strengthen greatly, Im continually amazed by how well I can hold things in my mind now. The ancient tea ceremony is a moving, living meditation that helps one develop mindfulness, grace, and sincerity, the tones have healing qualities. Of all these churches and temples out here in the Bible Belt, I’ve never met another spiritual group so dedicated and pure as the Tao Kin.

  9. zinc

    Pinky, im so sorry u were actually tricked into it! The Tao is indeed most precious and the teachings to follow tough and requiring life-long efforts.. it is not supposed to be merely a ceremony or a membership card or an isolated experience. where I come from, we need to go for lessons and help in various duties, for both ourselves and the fellow Tao Kin to really ascertain that we are sincere to take on this path of cultivation.. and after that, it is a lot of work, self-reflection, self-transformation to walk this path of is not a religion in that sense, nor is it a belief system.. it stems way back to ancient days and we are going onto similar lifepaths the way past sages and buddhas had…. Not all worked the same way yours did and thus, I do hope, while your good karma led you to it, it will also lead you to another where they do it in ways you can have absolute faith in. All the very best!

  10. Nui

    Hi pinky, congratulations that you already received TAO. Please have a check some sentences that should not post. Very easy, just go back to the temple you have been receiving TAO. Ask them and let them suggest to you.

    Thank you so much. Nice to know your thought here.
    With love,

  11. oldbird

    pinky, congratulations on receiving TAO-the truth ! you have to cultivate the TAO so that all good deeds performed by you will receive merit points, to make your way into heaven an easier path. many people are confused that TAO is taoism….TAO is not a religion….

  12. Chris S.

    i, too, received Tao. Kind of similar situation. My experience all happened while I was living in NC. I was walking through a local mall when I came to a kiosk where a short, slender, gentle, soft spoken Chinese or perhaps he was Taiwanese man noticed me looking at a statue of Shakyamuni Buddha. I was going through a bit of difficulties of anxiety over some heart palpitations I was having and seeing a cardiologist about. I was quite concerned and scared to be honest. I had begun a spiritual quest of sorts prior to the heart issue. I had been to Unity church services, read a lot of spiritual books and books on tloa. I had attended seminars and speeches. Well back to the day in the mall. The man I meet who was working the kiosk selling bamboo, Buddhist statues and other Asian novelties noticed me looking at the statue of Shakyamuni Buddha. he asked if I knew who he was (the figurine). This was the opening of out conversation and the invite to come to the Holy House. I accept and exchanged phone numbers and the address. I was under the impression that I was just invited to some type of temple of sorts. i had a good feeling when I departed this man. I spoke to my mom about it, saying he had to be a monk. Fast forwarding to the day when I was to go to the Holy House, I entered the address in my GPS and proceeded on my way with my daughter, her friend and another friend of mine. When we got close I was kind of confused, we were entering into a neighborhood. Well we finally pulled up to our destination and it was a home, a home in the middle of a neighborhood. I was kind of skeptical and wondered what was gong to happen. “Is this some sort of cult?” “Are they malicious in their deeds?” We didn’t know, we joked about it as we sat int he car hesitant to get out, but under the breaths of jest were some real concerns. We made our way to the door and knocked and the man I met at the mall greeted us at the door. We sat in the dinning room where there was a large dry erase board in the corner. We we offered hot tea, nuts and fruit. We began to talk about nothing in particular and then that led into speaking of the different realms of heaven with a bit of science involved. the conversation went well and I was actually intrigued by all we spoke of. We must have been there for a few hours before we left. We were invited to come back and after several visits and meeting people of many different races and cultures we were asked if we would like to receive Tao. By this time I was the only one out of the original four who attended. I agreed to receive Tao and was told what to expect on the night of the ceremony, but not fully. On that night, the master was flying in and had been held up due to bad weather. The house was full of people from all over for this occasion, dinner was served and it was quite extensive. All vegetarian fare, but good non the less. Well a couple of the older men got a phone call, the master would be arriving at the air port any moment now and 3 or 4 of them dawned their coats and went to meet him and bring him back to the Holy House. It must have been 12:45 am by now and I had been there since 6:30. I wasn’t the only one receiving Tao that night, a couple of other people I met during our meetings leading up to this night were also receiving Tao. Moving ahead to the ceremony. We all went upstairs to a decent sized room that was made into a temple, alter and all. The similarities you described were present. We to had to donate a small amount of money (I gave $10US). The ceremony went as your’s did. It was all spoken in Chinese and we were qued by women off to the sides. I’m not going to go into the entire ceremony, but it was extensive, interesting and I felt good about it. Afterwards we were congratulated by our Tao kin and were able to discuss the 3 treasures as long as the oil lamp was lit and we stayed in the temple. When all was said and done upstairs we adjourned back downstairs and socialized, spoken with the master and others. As we departed, like evry other time we went there, we were given fruits to take home. All in all it was a very pleasant experience. I returned several times afterwards and brought my mom, who later received Tao. When I wasnt able to make it out to the Holy House, he, his wife and sometimes others would come to my home. I love that man, he had this aura about him. He wasn’t always this way he told us. He use to gamble, drink and run wild. I have since moved to FL and have been here just about 2 years. I feel guilty in many ways, because he found a Holy House here for my mother and I to attend and we haven’t been. I’m just a bit confused in my spirituality and some of the things we spoke about didn’t ring true to me. I won’t go into that. But after reading this and posting this long reply. I think I’m going to give him a call and hold true to my promise and attend the Holy House here. Thanks for your story Pinky.

    Chris S.
    your Tao kin

    • pinkybinks

      Wow Chris!!! Thank you so much for your reply. Its really nice to hear another perspective of this happening and your experience with the Tao. Several people have criticized my piece of text, but really it was just another experience that happens when one travels. It was really interesting and my words are very honest, pretty much how it was from my perspective. It was certainly an interesting day. Hope your path is happy and full of love. Thanks again for your story. Pinky 🙂

  13. June

    Very much alive blog. 🙂

    I received the Tao when I was a child. My dad took the whole family to the house temple.

    We didn’t go there for the next 8 years or so, because it was too far for us.

    We returned to a nearby temple (that belongs to the same group. There’s 18 different groups in Tao) 8 years later.

    It all started because I had forgotten all about receiving Tao.
    I told a friend that I wish to tell the King Of Hades not to let me be reborn again. I would rather be a cleaner in hell.
    My friend then told me about Tao and that if I accumulate sufficient credits, I need not be reborn ever again.

    Excited, i pestered my parents to return (after telling them and knowing we had already received Tao.).
    It was not all so easy to return. There were hurdles to cross.
    My friend told me, that all my previous lives’ enemies (spirits) were trying to stop me from returning.

    We eventually did return. And I went only when I am free after going enthusiethically for about 4 years due to heavy workload and my chronic fatigue.

    There were times when i knew i HAVE to go for the prayers session because of certain mishaps I encountered.

    I have no regrets receiving Tao.
    I do hope to be more enthusiastic than i am now. (Always a half bucket over almost everything i do….).

    Wishing you all the best.

    • pinkybinks

      Thank you so much for your comment….So interesting to hear your experience. I also have no regrets about the Tao, apart from not being told what i was about to receive….the person who led us there could have been more transparent. Peace and best wishes, Pinky 🙂


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