Watching Men Walk Whippets and Other Clichés – Life in North East England Part 1

I have been back in England for one month. Days are drastically different and curated around pleasure, entertainment, calm. Travelling  limited due to the price of public transport and accommodation so i end up staying, or returning back to my temporary home most nights. A temporary home of comfort and quiet, pretty much surrounded by fields. When the time comes to get my own place i will, but not yet.

Catching up continues, hanging out. Sleeping, art, dog shows and walks in the woods .Trips to TV sets and sculpture parks. Evenings in nomadic villages, walks on the beach in the rain and wind and picnicking.  Sunbathing in the back garden and eating grilled vegetables with the occasional bottle of red wine. Family days out to the most beautiful of spa’s. Hot stone massage’s, facials, sauna’s and ice scrubs. Impromptu curries and tower blocks set intercity. Industry and artists studios. An ice-cream parlour and the luxury of zooming around, through forests, along motorways in really nice cars! No more riding on roofs. Tastes that were craved for months satisfied, but now what. Watching men walk whippets and other clichés? Life without a nine to five continues. The summer holiday.

Taking each day as it comes and planing when required. Proposals, submissions and revisiting images from back. So much time just to catch up, unwind, rewind and reflect. Spending time with the ones i wish, not wasting time with those i don’t. Selectiveness is key to happiness. Taking some time in the day just to sit whilst once again a layer of thick grey cloud separates the sun and i. The reality of being in the north-east of England.

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