Jaisalmer in Gold – A Desert Festival


  1. janejolly

    I have a photo of the same sadhu. the guy sitting on the right. he is by the tree on the way to the fort entrance. i was there in October 2011 for Diwali and went out for a walk early one morning and met him. Love your photos. I’m going to try the sunglasses trick next time.

  2. ThoughtsUnrestricted

    one of my favorite cities….I wish i went there now instead of 7 years back..Would had LOVED to capture it.. beautiful clicks…Love that your white balance is yellowish…very fitting to the theme of Jaisalmer itself ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Scott

    Amazing pictures! The one that strikes me most is of the belly dancer wearing a veil over her face–it actually makes her more alluring!

  4. Jay

    I have never been to India but I love the history and the ideas that have come about over the thousand of years Hinduism has been around. The temples are beautiful and I loved learning about the Gods and Goddesses. The Photos you posted were amazing and I enjoyed looking them over. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Snapshooter

    Wonderful photographs. I love the sunglasses idea. It creates such a “desert feel,” like I can feel the sun beating down on me…very nice. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. millayt

    Very nice photos! I was in Jaiselmer 12 years ago and saw many of the same images…all through sunglasses? Wow! I tried that technique many years ago, but forgot about it…thanks for the reminder! Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed.

  7. arunashouse

    You make me remember that India is easy to love … hard do forget…Thanks for sharing.

    PS: I was not so lucky to find a sadhu who charges only five ruppies…hehehe

  8. Ajay Mishra

    I liked your photograph ! Amazing ! Thanks that you have liked my country ! Please visit again and have more photographs on this blog site….It is my misfortune that still I have to visit most part of the country ! At least I can see through your eyes.

  9. therebeliousrabbit

    i went to jaisalmer some 2 yrs back n u just made my memomories fresh.just a tip from me to all those who wanna visit rajasthan: remember there’s much more to rajasthan than just the palaces…go deep inside and discover more!

  10. Sussex Prairie's

    That sadhu (one of the pair) is a permanent fixture and part of the fortress furniture .. we have all seen him (he was there last year and years past when I went to Jaisalmer) and paid him his dues but he is a colourful and iconic figure and part of why we love crazy and zany India !

  11. Charlotte

    Wow, what a surprise! I was kinda expecting the more usual travelogue’ish sharing of your trip and I just love that instead I find a very unigue and cool stream of consciousness kinda univers. I just returned from India myself and Jaisalmer ended up being sacrificed for Dharamsala so THANK YOU for sharing your amazingly beautiful pics – I will include the desert next time ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Edward Coleman

    Those are some really amazing shots. I really want to travel to that part of the world some day!!!

  13. Not All Who Wonder Are Lost

    Amazing photos! I am currently in India, going from the Golden Triangle to Himachal Pradesh and then down to Goa – about to get on the first of 2 trains on what will be an epic 45 hour journey…and your post is helping me remember why I wanted to come to this crazy, amazing, beautiful country in the first place ๐Ÿ™‚ I didn’t have a great camera to start with, and then I lost the battery (!) so now I’m on my iPhone until I can get a new battery – suffice to say my photos aren’t as amazing as yours – congrats and great post ๐Ÿ™‚

    • pinkybinks

      Hi…Yey for being in India. If you heading to Goa deffo make the trip to Gokarna….Its amazing!!! Battery in Delhi?!. Thank you for your lovely words and comment ๐Ÿ™‚ Pinky

  14. quixoticoxymoron

    Reblogged this on quixoticoxymoron and commented:
    I think this guy’s amazing, got a real eye and talent for travel photography and capturing the genius loci and moment in a way that a true artist can. This is precisely what I aspire to, I can’t wait to visit and experience Asia!

  15. rtd14

    Your pictures are so beautiful! I especially love the one of the little boy with the small sun spot in the picture. His expression tells a story.

  16. lauracookphotography

    First time on your site and these are beautiful photos so will be visiting again. I am sat here shivering in the UK and just soaking in the golden hues has made me feel warm. Gorgeous.

  17. kohinooreverywhere

    Beautiful display of lights,,,,Back in 2010 Diwali I was going to this incredible place , yet I cancelled due to some work. The awe of Rajasthan has always impacted me deeply, i was sure Jaisalmer would have taken it to a different turn. Will surely witness it in person.

  18. awomynous

    Reblogged this on awomynous and commented:
    I visited Jaisalmer almost 12 years ago (wow, can’t believe it’s been that long!), and these pictures truly capture what I remember the city looking like. The color of sand but beautiful; gold, brown, gray, tan, all exquisitely carved and everything stacked on top of everything else.

  19. how to be a dj

    Great shots … but for some reason I couldn’t stop staring at the banner on top. Hilarious.
    Where did you find it?

    Cheers and congrats on being freshly pressed

  20. Rosy

    Wow!! awesome pics. I think this is the most amazing experience to watch there folk dance,culture and there food is amazing .

  21. maya

    Awesome photography… and the tungsten lights make it look so golden.. did u really take it through your sun glasses.. awesome!

  22. leephelps

    I loved these photos! You did an awesome job of creating a coesive set. The yellow tones really pulled me into a romantic world. Congratz on being FP!

  23. eastwitching

    so much sun and heat and warmth – a festival of fiery light – wonderful. Thanks for sharing this. I love seeing the delicate pale rosecream architecture. Alison

  24. missrb21

    Oh my goodness your images are beautiful and remind me of my last trip to India two summers ago. You make me miss the life there. They really put a smile on my face : )

  25. Spider42

    Fantastic title (most apt) and fantastic photographs, they really look stunning.
    Just one question though, did you use a lens filter for some of the shots or was there something else that you used for the yellowed/gold effect – which looks amazing by the way!

  26. laviera

    The culture is so vivid, colorful and it oozes from your photos effortlessly.

    The difference between seeing photos of a place when researching it online and reading a blog with personal photos is that…, you feel the place through the experience of a real individual. Somehow, if only for a moment, their photos and stories transport you there and you even think to yourself “i can’t wait to go back”. Because momentarily, you were there.

    Thanks for the trip!


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