• pinkybinks

      Thank you again ED! Get snapping. Am a little behind with blogs but have some amazing stuff coming up, strange goings on!!!! …stay tuned!!! 🙂

  1. MummaZita

    Gorgeous, glorious, goddess gifts to us … All three of these postings since I last checked in… Yippee zippy fantabalippy! Xoxoxo…

  2. vprima14

    Delhi is great! However, the local guides only show you the touristy places and even google shows the famous ones only … There is SO MUCH more to Delhi than meets the eyes :).

      • vprima14

        Haha indeed! Did you happen to visit the art gallery? and the national museum? When I went there, luckily enough they had an exhibition of ‘Nizam’s jewellery’. Nizam was this king in Hyderabad and it was amazing the collection that was up for exhibition. Never seen anything similar before!

      • vprima14

        They have this masterpiece up there by this lady Amrita Shergill. Not very famous again! But, she is the pioneer of the contemporary art in India that was later followed by artists such as M.F. Hussain


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