Friday 24th June 2011

Another hectic day at work. Todays hours were filled with speaking to a school full of teenagers about enrichment programmes available to them when they hit sixth form. Not something i wanted to partake in, but felt obliged due to my current situation being a slave to a corporation in good old England; in a town near to where i spent my childhood, a town where i never thought i would end up.

I was only supposed to return for a few weeks. That was six years ago before my life escalated into directions i had never dreamed of. Somehow i had never really imagined having a normal life. An existence where i went to work, came home, ate, watched TV, drank wine and slept…on repeat. This cycle has always been evident, but since traveling in my late 20’s i thought things would never be the same again. My partner has changed, i live in a different house, i have a full-time job and different dietary requirements to those i had when my life felt similar years ago.

I only left England for two years, to travel, but those two years were so rich that i imagined that life would be like that forever. Since returning to the UK i have married, worked and longed to be back in the world far away from where i grew up.

Lecturing is rewarding, especially in a subject like Art, however after a while it sucks the life out of you. Students are constantly feeding on your energy and it takes its toll. Well this is whats has happened to me. The current economic climate in the UK certainly does not help to make things any better as people are loosing their job’s left, right and centre. This is why i have made the decision to up sticks and try to regain some of the excitement and joy i experienced during the time i spent traveling India several years ago. A time that i view with rose-tinted glasses, a  time where i was free to wander in amazement and absorb a very different kind of energy. A very different reality.

On the first of September I fly to Mumbai, India, with plans to travel Asia and South East Asia for as many months as i can muster. I have negotiated a twelve month sabbatical from my job as a fine art lecturer and have been saving cash since August. I have a long list of places i would like to visit, however i am open to whatever happens.

Giving up work, my home, my current existence does not feel like a life changing decision. It feels like i am reverting to a previous life. One filled with excitement as oppose to routine, which i struggle with.

The intention of this blog is to record my experiences to share with others. I have kept diaries for seventeen years but this is my first digital effort of this ilk. I am sure my works will be honest, thoughtful and vivid, my interpretation of what happens on what i expect to be quite an epic journey. I am not heading east thinking that everything will be wonderful all of the time. I am heading there to experience other worlds to feed my cravings for the unknown. If i stay in England i will go insane, but that may happen in Asia………….


      • jueisa

        Dark nights, dogs barking and the sound of the sea the most worring night i have ever had but totally wonderful im so jeleous x


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