Eric’s Left Foot

Exactly one week today, as i was sitting in the sun, along came a girl called Nicola. Sporting a golden face and a head-dress made from road kill pheasant feathers, she sat down and invited us to investigate her basket of treats. After preparing her a plate of tofu, nuts and beetroot i began to look at the objects before me. I was impressed by the craftsmanship and creativity. Her passion for recycling, aesthetics and the macabre. Discussion took us to veganism, art, taxidermy, and back again, both of us being vegans and artists.

There was one piece i especially liked. A small pale pink pendent containing what looked like a tiny foot. Nicola shared that she attempted to stuff a friends hamster, Eric, but the results weren’t fantastic. Instead of keeping the little fella in once piece, one body she chopped off his feet and hands and made them into pendents.

I feel quite privileged to be wearing one of Eric’s feet, his back left i think. A mini memorial to someones’s beloved pet and a beautiful exchange. People keep saying to me, “That’s original”, my response being, ” Actually, it’s one of four”!





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