The Assembly Line of Death

I have been a vegetarian now for almost twenty years. I would never disrespect people for eating animals, however we as the human race need to make some changes to the way we eat. Earth is suffering not only because of greed and convenience but because of an unhealthy obsession or lust for meat. The Chinese’s obsession with pork, the American obsession with the burger, the British obsession with fish and chips. More forests continue to be destroyed to make way for cattle, more farmers are going out of business due to the supermarkets ridiculous buying prices and the recession hit west’s need for cheap food. It can not go on for very much longer, as this horse meat fiasco demonstrates.

A friend of mine sent me the video link below. Out of all of the clips i have seen in the past, this one seems to be the most powerful. Its exquisitely shot and displays the journey from life to consumption, and the effects that can have on the body. The film is not gory but it is disturbing, if you actually see what is happening.

I am a healthy human and i have not eaten meat, fish, eggs, milk ( apart from the odd bite of chocolate at times of desperation and peanut coatings unknowingly!!! ), cheese, (apart from one bite after at least ten years, in Burma, last new years eve) cream and other dairy products.

Systems are in place and manufactures seem happy to, ” Use every bit of the animal ”  which is added into washing up liquids, soap, cosmetics, alcohol, toothpaste, pens, glue, everything, infecting so many aspects of the conscientious, vegetarian existence.

There is no need to kill these poor beasts. There is no need to farm them in totally unnatural ways on mass,  no need to cull forests, no need to have a separation between cruelty and death and life killed for our pleasure. Our disgusting, superior, egotistical eating habits. You don’t eat your dogs, your parents or your friends. You greave, mourn and lay to rest.

Humans have a conscience, no? Humans love life, no? Humans love animals, no? Humans can see beyond their nose’s and ego’s and tummies, no? People who can’t see past their own greed continue to reproduce and pass this desensitized view of life on to their children. Chicken nuggets for lunch kids?

In my book life is life. All should be treated fairly. One species should not feel they have a right to murder anything else. Especially when there are other things to eat. Imagine yourself on the conveyor belt.

Granted there are thankfully many people who share my view, BUT NOT ENOUGH. Nations which were once vegetarian are now demanding more flesh. It is seen by many as middle class, privileged and good. A sign of progression. It’s putting more demands on earth, and more demands on chain.

This is a plea for help. It’s a statement continuing the argument that all life should be treated with respect. That living things should be loved and nourished and cared for.  Life is life. Souls are souls. All that breathe have one.


  1. EarthDrifter

    Even though I currently eat chicken on occasion I fully agree that we shouldn’t be killing and chowing down on animals for many reasons. It’s astonishing that the human existence has been conditioned that it’s OK to eat flesh that’s been brutally beaten to death. Many would disagree but I don’t believe that land animal flesh is even healthy over the long term. A vegan friend just told me that human intestines aren’t designed to process flesh.

  2. carlaannfehr

    The acts shown in the video are vile beyond belief, to be sure. I’ve never argued with the concept behind veganism, and I don’t know what it is that I’m doing wrong that makes it so damn hard for me to embrace the eating habits physically. By about the 4th or 5th day, I’m so weak and craving nearly raw red meat (no joke) that I succumb to the urge and have a steak and within a day I feel back to normal. Maybe I’m just not planning my diet correctly in order to get the most nutrients out of it. As much as I adore animals and truly believe that it’s unfair for humans to treat them like commodities instead of like living, breathing beings, I haven’t yet reached the point in my existence where I’m willing to sacrifice my own health. It makes me feel guilty, and I wish I had an answer that worked well for me.

    • pinkybinks

      it happened for me in a flash almost. At least you think about it and question it, and try…many don’t. Eating less meat is good :). there are so many great fake meats around that i dont miss the flesh at all, after twenty years meat free. Thank-you for your comment Carlaannfehr and thank you for reading.


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