Lost Post: The Boy From Jerusalam


  1. EarthDrifter

    I think that’s taboo to do in Hollywood movies these days (show people how cool it is to smoke), fine to do in blog posts though. I like the alternative style of this post as I never see this sort of thing. Looks like fun, wish I could do it but I think I’m allergic as it makes me nauseous, unless I’m boozing it up that is. So for now I’ll stick to the shisha that you don’t have to inhale. 🙂

      • EarthDrifter

        Exactly. While in the US it’ll almost never happen indoors, here in the Middle East I often see peeps able to light up in coffee shops, although I can’t (cuz it gives me a headache and ikky feeling :-). Still, I like the ‘rawness’ and freedom of people being able do as they wish, at least in that regard.


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