There’s Going to be a Murder – A Vegans Dilemma When Treating Intestinal Parasites!

The parasites living in my intestine are still there, still guests and still living from my body. Still inducing the diarrhea, the vomiting and the swelling of my abdomen. Controlling if i am hungry or not, tired or not, sick or not, in the bathroom or not. Tiny organisms controlling parts of my being, for sure a percentage. Diagnosis was given almost two weeks ago, antibiotics issued but i feel this tremendous guilt to take the medication for a number of reasons.

Whenever i have had unexpected guests around for dinner i have always been accommodating. I would put down and extra plate and serve smaller portions to make sure there was enough food to go around, especially when people are hungry. I like to feel like i am a good host and i like to treat my guests well. There has never been a time where i have said, ” leave my house or i will kill you ”

Being a strict vegetarian/vegan i feel all life has the right to live, hence why i don’t eat animals or animal products. I despise animal cruelty and the worlds passion for chomping on flesh. It’s just un-ethical and potentially disastrous to the planet, especially with the great choice we have in the west. I also have a great respect for Jainism. A religion that believes in non-violence and a strict vegetarian diet. Violence resulting in harmful karma, a set back if one is to achieve nirvana.

“Have you started your medication” i hear. No i have not as i am still contemplating what is right and what is wrong. My little India friends still alive in my tummy and i must make a choice when they will die…..Its all a bit much. What to do??

I am not seriously ill. Yes i have waves of sickness and sometimes smell like death, hungry early morning, vomit early evening but are these reasons to kill my little buddies, my mini, fleshy illegal immigrants, the final trace of India left inside of me. Creatures that are stopping me from overindulging, turning me off alcohol, keeping me well under nine stone and really, doing very little harm. To abort or not to abort. That is the question.


  1. earthdrifter

    I don’t eat animal foods 1:) Flesh food isn’t healthy. The meat is good for you campaign has been a scam for a long time. People have been brainwashed into thinking meat is healthy so that chemo remains an uber-lucrative biz. 2.) I don’t like the idea of killing anything. I even avoid killing insects unless they’re really bothering the hell out me. Parasite’s in your stomach are bothering the hell out of you. Even if it ain’t drastic, you’re sick enough. KILL those motherphuckerz PINKY! Good luck man!
    PS: antibiotics can really suck. I detest them. But, unless there’s a better idea, your case is one where I’d probably just ingest the nasty pills and get those grotesque little parasites out of there.
    Hey I’m curious. Do you know exactly what it is you ate that gave you the parasites?

    • pinkybinks

      Hi ED. Did you get anything rancid in India? You were ill in Cambodia if i remember- on iv and such as? Am not sure what i ate. I swam in many places i should ” not have ” but always sticking to pure veg. I guess it could have come from anywhere. I had the same thing back in 2001 when all i ate was fresh beetroot curry.

      • earthdrifter

        PINKY: I had two bouts of diarrhea in India both viruses that passed very quickly. 1.) I’m pretty sure was from drinking a juice mixed w/ water on a Delhi street. Bad move. 2.) Train food again, bad move. From what I gather, if you stick exclusively to veg in India (which I did), then you’re usually fine. My sickness started the day after I ate Papaya Salad and a fish (think ’twas the fish) from a street vendor on Ko Chang). Then I went to Cambodia and endured that for my entire stay, guess the nasty antibiotics that made me worse, killed the alleged amoeba. I would like to get back to that fascinating land in a healthy state. BTW, I ate street food galore in BKK and Chiang Mai, no problems, was just those darn Ko Chang street eats.

      • pinkybinks

        I really didn’t get so ill ED. A few days in Burma and the last few of weeks. I was drinking ice, swimming in places like the Ram Kund but only eating in pure veg places. I think its just the lack of sanitation in India. I must say that when i arrived in Thailand post India i was stunned at how clean everything was!! Especially after Varanasi in the monsoon!

    • Clary

      are we allowed to have lice on us? ..well i guess so.i know i woldnut want to have any though.i might be a vegan but im not really into the whole letting a parasite live off of me thing.References :

  2. veg888

    Hello kind sir!

    I read your posting today and was curious to know if you knew about Parasite Cleansing Options that are vegan and all natural since you do not like the possible option of Antibiotics?

    Foods that those buggers hate and are considered Anti-Parasitic are RAW pumpkin seeds, Cloves (ground and whole), wormwood tea, and a few others I can tell you about IF you are interested.

    There is actually parasite information on my blog if you would like more information about various foods that parasites HATE!

    They are gross little buggers! And you are correct in stating they control certain actions of the body at different times. Whatever you do don’t feed them sugar or yeast!

    Take Care Pinky Binks Blogger!

  3. veg888

    Hello Kind Sir!

    I just read your posting and wanted you to know I am SOOO SORRY you are dealing with these nasty buggers!

    However there are ALL NATURAL VEGAN OPTIONS for you to rid the body of parasites. There are Parasite Cleanses available by various companies AND there are also foods that these pesky guys DO NOT LIKE! 1) RAW Pumpkin Seeds 2) Wormwood Tea or Capsules and 3) CLOVES – Ground powder or Whole. The Cloves kill the eggs of the parasites as well as kill the actual parasite. Nasty stuff…I know.

    Also they are most active about 3-4 days prior to a full moon since they mate during the FULL Moon. ICKY I know.

    I just thought you should know this information just in case you didn’t. There is also Parasite Information on my blog if you would like to find other foods that will help you fight these guys.

    I wish you GREAT HEALTH and HEALING!

      • Usha

        Yes, they are allowed to have them.But, klliing them or “stealing their food” by removing them is in direct conflict with vegan ideals.References :

  4. smallpebbles

    Pinky, can understand your reluctance to “kill” parasites, but do take care before they get too deep in your system and end up wreaking too much havoc, they can get into your organs, like the liver then very difficult to deal with. I have lived in India for many many years on and off, been sick with this and that, and almost everyone gets parasites sooner or later. I have rarely taken antibiotics, last time for my stomach problem (think it was amoebas and giardhia) I ate raw garlic, a few small cloves chopped and crushed up in small bits, let sit for 15 minutes then drink it down with water. That way no garlic breath! It took some weeks for the stomach to heal from this but it worked! You can research garlic cures on the internet. Also, you can take Grapefruit Seed Extract. But please, do take care! in peace…..kai

    • pinkybinks

      Namaste Kai, It was several months ago, and i read about garlic treatments. So pleased it worked for you. I resorted to Antibiotics!!! All gone now!!! Are you still in the Mother Land? Peace, Pinky.


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