The Same

‘How long have we been here? Is it Wednesday or Tuesday? Excuse me sir, what day is it? – and March?.  Dhanyavad Ji!….. So we have one day left here before the Udupi train?’

Days are the same with minimal variation. Trying to find an ATM that works, a little painting, a little walking. The same road past the same temple, the same meal at the same time. The same place, the same raggy maroon vest. The same waiter, the same beer wrapped in newsprint. The same shop to buy the same things – water, cigarettes, mixers. The same man who cut his thumb badly last week serving, his healing wound being a better indication of the lapse of time than the sun; from dressing to plaster to air.

The same sunrise, the same crows like clockwork. The same creativity and the same space in which to create. The same swaying palms, the green and the same strong waves of the sea. The same steady flow of pilgrims heading to perform puja for their dead relatives. The same twenty-four hour clock, but a much slower paced same.


  1. earthdrifter

    I sometimes feel that way after being in a place for a couple of weeks. Guess it’s time to blow the hell out wherever ’tis you are for Udupi. You’re on the coast. Udupi is in Karnataka so maybe you’re chillin’ on one of the seemingly endless Goan beaches. Sounds like you’re in India at the right time of year. ENJOY PINKY!

    • pinkybinks

      I was chilling in Kerala for a cupple of weeks, now in Udupi but heading to ratnagiri tonight…. slowly slowly to Mumbai. Thank you as always ED!!! 🙂

  2. ruth connaughton

    Received the card today – really made my day – thank you so much! Loving all the blogs and photos, including the birthday cake… Still not sure how you manage to do so many each week but keep them coming. It all sounds fantastic and can’t believe you still have months more ….. Off to Nice next week then in hospital. Can’t think past then. A bientot


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