Presenting India’s First… Wax Museum!!!


      • wheresmytbackandotherstories

        Did I miss out Anil Kapoor? (I reviewed it’s the current Pope Benedict XVIth. No wonder they included a Catholic figure if it’s in the south. Must be in Goa). I’m wondering why there are no women wax figures.

      • wheresmytbackandotherstories

        I see. I’ve friends from South of India, mostly Catholics. Not that it matters. I have Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist and Christian friends too. Aishwarya Rai’s wax was damaged. That’s sad. She’s an extremely beautiful woman. I hope the wax did her justice. I noticed the wax in the figures started to look like it’s melting.

  1. Earthdrifter

    Funny stuff PINKY. I’ve only been to the wax museum in NYC as a tour guide so I got out of paying the ludicrously priced $35 ticket. I’m curious as to how many Rupees you had to pay for entry into Hindustan’s first wax museum.
    In NYC I found the actual-sized sculptures tacky yet it was still interesting enough. This was before I started blogging so it never occured to me to do a blog post about it. It’s definitely a worthy blog topic, and in India, who knew.


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