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Lymphatic Filariasis – Blogging About My Balls!

During my packathon yesterday i came across an old diary from 2006. Words written in England following time in India….

” I am having difficulty writing due to the plastic  bands around my wrist, however i am desperate to get something down on paper and start a new book. Another story for my growing collection.

Guess i have been infested for some time. Its bank holiday Monday as i sit wondering if my sleeping pill will be delivered; my mint starchy pajamas have, size large. From a friend’s birthday hootenanny via a gig in an old ship yard, to Newcastle General Hospital. Dr. Price wants six samples of blood to send to Dr. Bailey in Liverpool. It’s awkward having a nocturnal parasite.

Its 11:48pm on the 27/4/2006, and i have just trotted down to the ward HQ to ask to see my medical file. I am asked to sign something first but now have access. The file explains what i already know; that i have proteins in my system called Filariasis – they just can’t seem to find the babies at this point. Tonight’s bloods will be sent straight to Liverpool Tropical Diseases Hospital as they apparently have more sophisticated methods of screening. Sometimes i think the doctors are taking things seriously and others not. I feel like i am waiting for something to happen. If the babies aren’t found again is that a good or a bad thing? Does it mean i have a light or heavy parasitic infestation? Am i going to grow giant legs and balls? Will i need pressure bandages to relive my future pain or will it all be OK? I would just love an answer. I want Dr. Price to say, ” This is your condition and this is your treatment”

This is a strange tropical illness which i have contracted from my sanctuary, my other life, my existence in the jungle, which i love and miss dearly. In Gokarn this is an everyday problem. I became aware of it by seeing posters written in Kannada and started asking questions. We joked and laughed about the physical implications but i never imagined i would be sitting here, with big balls, clad in mint starchy oversized pajamas. I feel India is inside of me and i will accept the outcome whatever. You can never erase time and the unexpected complications it can cause in the future. I hear a trolley and foot steps…time for the blood to come and go…with hopefully the worms! Soon i well get a answer “.