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Illuminated Natasha ( Haunted All The Way By You II )

Last week i came across a blog of photographic collages that really impressed me.  Not only is the work beautiful, some of it is political, funny and full of contrasts. It is visually spectacular. Follow the link here Aesthetic heaven. Stylish and magic.

I wondered about the possibility of a collaboration, and sent a message to the father of the images, Ben.  I asked if he would be willing to produce an image to accompany a selection of my words, anything that inspired him. He graciously said yes.  The below image, entitled #illuminated Natasha is Ben’s response to two lines from a poem i wrote last winter,  called, ” Haunted  all the way, by you “.

illuminated text # 2 (2)

One hundred million degrees below freezing,

And Natasha buttoning up her eyes,

Clap clap.


Bubbling oil heats the cell of cosy,

As the pull of the future helps cavernous walnuts snap into another rise;

Fingers crossed.


As routine marsupials splash with vigor,

Running like cats away from litter.


Winter pallet shifts a tone lighter and lighter and lighter and  เบา

To white,

Ascending with a drum roll.


A gift of it to that,

Haunted all the way,

by you.

Birds in Vests

Mid Winter Light

Beautiful Winter Seascapes

Early Winter Light

Days Like Light Sandwiches

November already, Autumn on my back,

Now where is there to look?

Eyes closed or stare through black.

Darkness gives life a break. Trees, thickets and slugs pause,

Humans expected to continue, power on through this icy bitter world.

The sleep of trees and the boom of lights, fizzing, illuminating a path to artificial heat,

And the drying of external cells crispy, heading where?


Small brains and scales, retracting into shells,

Bright little tortoise children. Only to recharge like  i phones.

Helpless in the mist of seasonal change, amongst a wake of light.

Days like light sandwiches.

Black and cold and night.