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Reflections on Existence, Whatever That Is

I am unaware if this is how it starts, but if my memory serves me right, I’ll begin.

People intertwine with us, as humans, they become part of who we are. Friends and lovers. We choose things together and i agreed to tour a Bombay slum.

These loved ones, with whom i travelled take the train, then are briefed as we walk across that bridge into the darkest despair. Almost a symbol for the depression.

The bridge.

That woman with the child, screeching in her burka for rupees, almost harmonizing with his cry.

In and out of holes really. Inhabited holes for whatever reason. Holes you wouldn’t want to spend ten minutes in, let alone a lifetime. An existence without space, without air, without choice.


Faces you want to love and care for, like lovers or like friends, but the best you can do is just smile then walk away;

or cry.

Eyes i still see when reflecting my existence, whatever that is.

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A Full Circle

The sun rose as the train pulled into central station, around the same time as my hangover. Bag on back i disembark to find a quite, dark and rather empty Mumbai – sleeping taxi drivers, people selling cigarettes and combs. Rats. Back to the same guest house i started in last September, but what is the difference?

So many countries, cultures, experiences. So many photographs, disks. Another piece of luggage.; A basket hand-weaved in Burma that i simply could not abandon. Skin several shades darker, ribs an inch higher and cheek bones a little more prominent. I deeper education and new ways of seeing. New friends that i will cherish forever. Miss Smith, Miss Johnson, Mama Zita.

Back in a room on crisp white cotton without power-points. The entrance having been paved and the manager as charming and cute as ever. He greets us with his perfect queens English, clad in his teddy bear pyjamas and Canadian flag t-shirt. Thank you, Your Welcome!

So happy to be back in Mumbai. After everything – all the flights, the trains, the bus’s, the near misses we made it back, thousands and thousands and thousands of miles later, exactly seven months today. I can not wait to eat humus, sip a high quality bloody mary and see a Hindi movie. To walk the familiar streets of this glorious city, after everywhere still one of the best in Asia.