Burmese Ant Babies?

Cum, semen on the bathroom floor. Ant’s running in and out. Does that mean future Burmese ants will have my features. Is that the closest i will come to having my own children? Burmese Ant Babies?!

After pausing from the text and rushing to grab my camera i return to the site and look on in horror. Ant’s skirting around and devouring my creation. Ejaculation.

I must call my family, my friends. Is my mother going to become a grandma? Aunt Gayle and Aunt Vicky?! My brain shifts between elation and fear.

Next time i visit Burma i must bring a magnifying glass. Oh, that ant has my nose, that one my folically challenged scalp. That one walks like me and there’s one with a giant toe!

Burmese ants eating sperm. What a thought. What a concept.

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